Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday March 6th, Post #1 - Day time!

Today was D day - the make it or break it day of the project. We were to boil all our sap for the first time on the new boiler. SP nearly leapt out of bed as soon as the sun came up so that he could get a start. He rubbed my head until I could get back to sleep and went on his merry way. Only when I heard the sound of the chainsaw did I get out of bed to start my day with a cup of tea.
I took my tea outside and was greeted by the fine face of FWB. 

They got the fire started so it is time to add the smoke stack and put the trough on.

After my tea, I went inside to make some breakfast and while I was gone something very loud had happened.

They had created a bellows out of the shop vac. The introvert in me rebelled instantly. Who disturb my peace of sugaring with the noise of something manufactured? I convinced myself to deal with it, but also got them to buy longer hose the following weekend.

Friends arrived and the spool came out so it is time to eat.
Can you guess what we are having?

Don't tell the vegetarians!


They are a thing of genius!

They also make people happy!

I spent my afternoon hauling wood. I am a particular fan of this photo with me. I love me my pulp hook.

Baby helped get sap out of storage.

The sap frozen to the sides of the barrel was absolutely beautiful!

I did a lot of tending of the fire.

By sunset we made the official announcement on the front porch by hanging the giant spile!

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