Saturday, March 5, 2016

From an oil tank to a sap evaporator... Post #1 , 1st Saturday morning

Two Saturdays ago we began with an old oil tank. 

SP got it for free after searching in Uncle Henry's. It still had a little sludgy oil in it so he added some water and pulled the plug. We gave the left over oil to our mechanic for his waste oil burner. I love being sustainable!
Then the boys began cutting. 
 This is SP's cousin Gerome. I don't give anyone's name on my blog, but Gerome is fitting for this cousin. Thanks for all your help Gerome!

See there's not a lot of spark coming off that plasma cutter.  SP is making those grunty grring noises that I know mean frustration.

Gerome is putting on his happy face. 

They came to discover that the plasma cutter needed more amperage to work correctly.  So.... they decided to fully mess with me and my plan to make  boeuf bourguignon, and.... 
pull out my stove... 

and then rewire our breaker box. Oh me oh my... shit is getting real!

Then they were playing with fire!

SP marking out the lines, which they really couldn't see very well with the googles on.

This is the ground for the plasma cutter, but just look at that magnetic disc! You know what we were calling it!

Fire fire fire!
Yes there's that voice in my head again....

Gerome taking some down time to be sure the welder is ready to go. 

See the smoke coming out the top? Yes there is a fire in there!

I love the face SP is making. Love that face!

Getting closer..... 
and I got ready by swinging a wrench at it!

The crow bar is out!

It's all cut and ready to go! Here is the moment of truth aka how big of a fire is there?

As I left for town to go to the market, SP went to work on cutting the top in the pieces he would need!

Next post to follow, but one observation I can make is that in the two weeks we have been working on this, all the snow has left. Sap is still running and we will boil for the third time this weekend, but that already looks so much different than the back yard I saw this morning!

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