Saturday, March 5, 2016

From Oil tank to Sap Evaporator, Saturday March 5th, Post #2

I decided that when the guys were going to spend a long and cold day outside cutting and welding and hitting themselves with hammers, I wanted to make something warm and filling. Boeuf  Bourguignon seemed like the perfect stewy soul food that was needed.

When I got home from my trip to the market to fetch ingredients for dinner, they had made quite a lot of progress.  I snapped a few photos before I needed to dash inside to sear the meat and mix the ingredients so they could rest for a few hours.

I was surprised to see that they had the smoke chamber and sides on. There's fireworks Bruce enjoying the fun. Anything fire is fun to FWB!

I am amazed that so much could get accomplished during one trip to the market. Oh the power of tools!

This puppy will end up being painted with high temperature paint in a nice solid black once we are all done.

Gerome checking the control box for the welder. Or does one call that the welding unit? It must have a name. I thought it was pretty cool watching him feed the wire into it.

Back to work cutting and welding and cutting and banging.
See those beams leaning diagonally? Those are the beams of the future sugar shack. 

 I am heading into the kitchen to cook. I am certain things will look much different when I get back.

cue cheesy music

I get back and they have turned FWB into a Minion! 

Seriously he looks like a Minion!

I hope you see the comparison because it's really cracking me up.
Back to business. Welding is tough work, you can't see, and it smells bad!

But still they keep on working with their eyes on the prize. 

When it came time for some ear plugs, he insisted on giving me a kiss.  Um, hello!? Do you see the mess on there? He doesn't look very happy either.

Making progress! As the light dims I know we have a potentially long night ahead.  As I say that outloud, they tell me they should be all set by the time it is dark to begin the boil tomorrow morning. 

SP checks how frozen the sap is - only 4 or five inches on top. 

Gerome's very busy work truck with stainless steel for the pan in the back. 

 We ended up not being able to use it as it was too thin to be welded without burning. We had to buy a new pan but that will be in post 5 or 6 or more.

Things are really taking shape and I have high hopes. Here's the grate that will go inside on top of cinder blocks.

and my last photo of Saturday night before the grand tool clean up before dinner!

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