Sunday, March 13, 2016

2nd Finish, Sunday 3/13

There was something almost exhilarating about waking up knowing that our next boil would be on stainless steel.

With over 15 gallons of sap to finish, we knew it would be a fairly long day so we got to start and ate breakfast outside.

SP got to use his fancy new wireless thermometer.

I am a huge fan of the copper ladle cup that Shane uses.

Baby had a fantastic idea while drinking his daily cup of sap - why not give a cup of sap to the chickens? SO we did and boy was Slip a happy chicken!

SP got a bit of his goofy side out when he fetched the filters!

Time to gather more sap and prepare the syrup buckets.

The weather had been so warm that all the snow had melted which is a bad thing for the sap. All the snow packing around the storage bins melted as well, so we needed to drive out into the woods and find some.

Creating use of styrafoam award goes to SP! Bravo!

When the gummy bears come out you know that we are getting close. Tradition is what tradition does.

The tools of the trade in use:

And the clean up begins:

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