Friday, December 11, 2015

Garden in December

It just keeps giving! Broccoli and leeks for a quiche and I will have Brussel sprouts for Christmas! I'm making carrot pasta this weekend to boot!

First Fire!

It's a shame that live photos don't work on my blog because these two pictures look awesome on my phone! Global warming is also a real shame because we didn't start the wood stove until December 3rd. That's unheard of! Not a flake of snow on the ground is disappointing though! I'm finding it hard to get in the Christmas spirit. At least the house is toasty warm right now and there is still food coming out of the garden.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shiny new parts for the first fire on December first!

New fire brick and newly welded sides!

Seed Saving with my Sunflowers

I had to take these puppies off the front porch,  where they were drying,  because Slip and Buffy found them.
4 Mammoth sunflower heads drying on the front porch wood rack

When I finally screened them all out and left the screen out for them to dry a bit more, the chickadees found them!

I can't win but at least all the birds are happy!

Last years pigs

I realized a week or so ago that last years pigs never (really) made it onto the blog. I referenced them on a Merrymeetingmenu post that I am working on, but failed to find photos of them that I hadn't already (mistakenly) deleted.

Then... I found this moments ago. 

Hammy Davis Jr. was the red head. The spotted pig was Notorious P.I.G. Piggy Smalls.
They got big really fast!
and then there were three very happy pigs! We got the third Pjork for a local camp that gave us all their compost!