Saturday, March 12, 2016

Second Boil - Saturday March 12th

Saturday the 12th was a long and productive day. It was the first time this year that we settled into the usual saping routine - boiling on Saturday and finishing on Sunday. With over 100 gallons of sap to boil, we had to get an early start, but thankfully I got to sleep in.

 By the time I got up, SP already had the trough boiling and was skimming off the foam. 

We go through a lot of wood during the course of a boil so the chainsaw is never far from hand, which is a good thing, because I of course, love a man in chaps.

Everything is set up perfectly and the plans are in place for us to pick up the new pan on Wednesday.

The sap was running beautifully so it was time for use to gather the sap.

We had to use the overflow storage so that we could keep new sap separate from older sap. Pouring it in I noticed something really neat and took advantage of the photo op.

Baby was drinking a mug of sap as the chickens followed us around. We even had a surprise visit from someone racing a sulky around the loop. How nice!

It was a really nice afternoon and it put a lot of color on my face.

Panoramic thanks to Ms. B - that's me there in the red sweatshirt. It was a good time with friends having fun in the sun.

But the best part of all????


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