Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewall's Orchard

This post hold's a special place in my heart. My brother's first name Sewall and I have spent a lot of the past two years working closely with him. In September, on a cold and rainy weekend at the Common Ground Fair, I went in search of a mulled cider and what did I find but this! We are all related! Sewall's Orchard is in Lincolnville, Maine - and I am wondering if my dear friend Yvonne learned her apple pruning skills at this orchard! I will have to try and remember to ask her when I see her next, but that might be at the next fair!
The Sewall's Philosophy, "

Our philosophy is based on an elemental idea of organics: Healthy soil produces healthy plants that create healthy people. Our farm is a place that welcomes all living organisms. Therefore, we use no substances that are toxic or that kill. Pest control is achieved via the use of bio-dynamic techniques. We also hand-remove pests when possible and practice good husbandry by pruning and mowing.Our next step is to work with the microorganisms in our soil in a more conscientious and direct way using soil amendments. Our desire is to have a complete and healthy biosphere."

For Christmas this year, I bought everyone in my family some of their apple cider vinegar! Well I just emailed them to get the ball rolling to see how we might be related. Their products are awesome and hope to stock them in my store when it opens! :D

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