Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poor Bluejay

This poor beautiful bird flew into my car as I was driving to pick up Baby from preschool. It swooped out of the trees and dove right into my bumper, and had I not known better as I tried to avoid it, one might have thought it was committing Harri Kari. I knew it was a big bird but I thought it was a crow. I wasn't even positive I had actually killed it until I returned home from preschool and saw this beautiful bird in the road. I picked it up and brought it home so that the children could see it up close. Those stripes and bars are BEAUTIFUL! I called the cat over to show him the gift I brought him, since he is so wonderful at leaving me the heads and tails of his prizes at my door step. I was not surprised when Huckyman denied the gift, for it was already dead. So I left it right here where it laid as an experiment to the wonderful food chain I live among. Low and behold, this morning - no sign nor mark was left. Not one beautiful blue feather was left, which made me a bit sad because I wanted one. However, I was left a gift - an oh so obvious sign from an elusive, wily coyote - it's scat.
You are welcome you wild howling fiery beast!

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Just Diane said...

What a purty bird! Aw, well, at least you all got to enjoy him for a few.