Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green Bottles and 1% for the planet

I am looking into a group called Green Bottle online, and their use of 1% for the Planet, as a fund raiser for a non-profit organization I am involved with.

The Green Bottle™ was designed as a solution to the problems caused by the massive worldwide use of disposable plastic water bottles. In the USA alone, we waste nearly 2.5 million plastic water bottles per hour. These plastic water bottles are leeching harmful chemicals into our drinking water and causing a massive disposal problem in our landfills. Additionally the Green Bottle™ is a perfect replacement for those plastic sports bottles that may contain BPA.

The Green Bottle™ parent company is Pure & Simple Solutions, L.L.C. . Green Bottle™ has partnered with 1% for the Planet and has committed to donate a minimum of 1% of all proceeds to non-profit institutions that help protect and maintain our environment and our planet!

The Green Bottle™ is a refreshing alternative to pizza, wrapping paper, candy, cookie dough and other existing fundraisers. The Green Bottle™ is a profitable, healthy, reusable, eco-friendly product that your group will enjoy selling. Green Bottle™ appeals to all ages, will last a lifetime and truly makes a difference in all our lives. Fundraising with Green Bottle™ can also show your groups support for all green initatives in your community.

Green Bottle™ offers you a substantial profit margin of 50%. With no up front fees, no minimum order and no long term contract, we will provide you with a customized fundraiser kit that makes Green Bottle™ fundraising truly effortless.

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