Friday, May 21, 2010


Baby has an incredible brain. I mean it. He has the memory of an elephant and has an incredible ability with people - two people in particular.

Baby has imprinted on these two people. One of them is Golfman, and he was Puckstoppers first hockey coach. The other one we will call, because it is one of his nicknames, Machoochoo.

Now Machoochoo lived with us during Baby's first year of life, so it would make sense that Baby imprinted on him, but it is unlike any other child I have had. It's beautiful. Baby only wants to be with Machoochoo when he is at our house, which these years is not very often.

Have you ever had this experience in your life?

I cherish the relationship between them.

It is special.

It is heartwarming, and I am so thankful that they have each other in their lives.

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