Friday, May 7, 2010

A Photo Essay

I have been absent from blogging for about a month and I'm sorry about it. There is so much that has happened, things that I found, new discoveries, eureka moments, and of course the incredible unfolding of spring. I was lucky enough to receive two springs this year. One in Connecticut, and another here in Maine. I decided that instead of multiple posts, I will do a photo essay of all my discoveries and musings.

The Merit Parkway Bridges are some of my favorite New England architecture.

The cherry's were in bloom!

This is a picture of volunteers at the hospital from years past.
My dear mother HiHo is the second woman from the left.

This bed of tulips was so heartwarming at the hospital during a difficult time.

These were all flowers that I brought my brother.

This tree was one of the side effects of a the recent storms in Connecticut.

My breakfast at a friends restaurant in the East Villiage.

A blooming dogwood - one of my favorite trees.

Baby watching the trains come in as we wait to pick up Sloop. That Ascela astounded him!

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