Sunday, November 30, 2008

Acorn processing

I think this post is long overdue to put up. I have put this step far behind me in my process of making acorns into flour. My problem is that I can't seem to follow through on the final step, but I will write more on that later! The acorns looked kind of cute in their bowl. They look all innocent and such as if shelling them wasn't such a tedious thing to do.

But now we had to determine how to increase the surface area so that they could boil and boil and boil, and remove as much tannic acid as possible. SP came up with a brilliant idea. I just can't figure out what the tool is called.

But honestly, this chopping worked much more efficiently when done on a cookie sheet. So, here is the picture of the shelled acorns that have been boiled, rinsed, and chopped; going into the 200 degree oven to roast.

See what happened was that I actually put them all in at once, on three different sheets, and that proved to give off far too much moisture at once and therefore not really work at all. I love learning by trial and error. I also know that the silly little book I am following lacks a lot of wordage that I know feel needs to be put into the book. I think starting with one cup of acorns would probably be the best direction I would add.

So now, I am left with a large bowl of very browned acorn bits. It is desperately screaming to be ground. I am trying to stifle it with a plate and a bowl, but I can still hear them calling me to finish what I started. I really wanted acorn bread for Thanksgiving, but you can see that that didn't happen! :)

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