Sunday, November 2, 2008

Putting the garden to bed.

The annual ritual of putting the garden to bed is always one with mixed feelings. At times I want to see how long I extend the season, clipping broccoli in smaller and smaller amounts and waiting to see how tall the reseeded peas will get before one last till of the soil. The hard frosts are happening more and more often, the tomato's are long gone, and even the corn stalks no longer seem something I want to work, even for a porch side decoration. I knew the second I heard Shane start Tillulah up that today was the day we would put the garden to bed for the winter. Tillulah called the family from the house because even the midgets wanted to take part in the excitement.

I immediately set to work and gather the last of the seeds I was saving. More to come on that adventure, when I finally tackle the paper bag brigade on the front porch. Once I snapped all I wanted of the broccoli seed of the stems, I threw the monolithic beasts in our friendly wheel barrow and walked it to it's final resting place: the compost bins.

SP had to capture a picture of me in my favorite camouflage of all - plant material!

On my way back from the compost I couldn't help but acknowledge what a pretty process this all is. It was in that moments pause that SP decided, now that he has prepped the edge, that it was Mommy's turn with her baby. So here she is, making me all sweaty.

Now if you haven't run a tiller before, it is quite a work out, particularly for a 5'3" female. So to no surprise I quickly lost my wool layer! Tillulah really is a wonderful beast - I have to throw my weight into it to make it around the corners. No wonder I feel so sore right now.

But no matter how much I want the season to not end, I don't want to get caught by winter. Last fall, our first snow lasted until April, and all the beets, carrots, and leeks were buried with it. This year, the last row of leeks will remain after today's work, destined for some Thanksgiving meal. Let's hope the snow doesn't fall in earnest before then!

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