Monday, November 10, 2008

Someone's missing from my life...

My ten year old has been away in California for a week. I miss him. You don't realize how helpful a ten year old can be until they are suddenly gone. I also miss that "I'm about to be an adult" conversation. He has amazed me this year - coming so far in such a short time. This is the little guy that only months ago was winded running around the house who is now a champion wood splitter in our house. This is a huge leap because last year you could hear little chants of "Wimpy wimpy wimpy!" when he swung his mallet onto the wedge. But this year he has achieved such size and strength that he not only split at a decent rate, but look at that pile he has accumulated!

Better yet, he's very much interested in it for the exercise he gets! I think I am beginning to like this prepubescent stage!

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