Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Candy

How many other countries celebrate Hallows Eve like we do? Last night as I walked the darkened streets of our small town last night, I saw littered amongst the leaves at my feet, colorful wrappers of eaten candy. I wonder how much litter does Halloween actually create? It wasn't until we got home and poured out the collective pillow case of candy that I realized the sheer volume of candy my three children had gathered. It wasn't all candy seeing that we did also brought home rings, pencils, play dough, bubbles, glow sticks and even fortune cookies. Yes, in our small town we trick or treat at the Chinese restaurant. As I sat and drank coffee this first Saturday of November, I tried to wrap my brain around what to do the mountains of candy on my table.

What am I going to do with it all?

Step one: Grab my daughter and have her help me sort it. I need to inform you however, that she was a ghost last night and has not had a shower yet. This means that all that white hair spray we drenched it with yesterday afternoon is not only still there, but it has also been slept on and not brushed once since. Consider yourself warned!

She got to the table and knew what to do."We're going to sort it!" was the first thing she said. Apparently Dad had told her about it already. She set right to work!

We vigorously sorted. The old Easter egg candy and anything unwrapped went in the garbage. I noticed certain things we had a run on this year, which to my dismay did not include Butterfingers. We made a bowl or all things suckable - from the smallest ones unsafe for the baby, to the gum filled Lollipops unsafe for the 10 year-old's braces. We sorted the family favorites into the plastic jack o'lantern. My daughter made her own little basket, gleefully filling it with all the chewy sticky stuff not allowed on braces. She tried to keep SP's tootsie rolls, but I put a stop to that.

The best piles we made were the piles for the freezer. The freezer you ask? Yes I am freezing candy and here are the reasons why:
1. Who wouldn't want a few Snickers in the freezer?
2. Broken Jolly Ranchers can be melted into windows for gingerbread houses.
3. M&Ms make great additions to any cookies!
4. Assuring that we always have the essential chocolate for s'mores.
5. To make sure that I can make more than rice crispy treats with all those candy corns!

But there was one special bag that was not meant for the freezer. We made it for SP.

SP spends a lot of time traipsing through the woods. It takes a lot of energy. What a better quick fix than a Snickers, or a Milky Way, or some malted milk balls? Of course I through in some Dots and Tootsie Rolls since he loves them. But the biggest reason I made this bag, was because hunting season opened today. The poor man needs something other than rifle cartridges for his hunting vest. Maybe that extra pack of peanut M&Ms I grabbed from the family stash will keep him from falling asleep under some tree while he waits. I hope the deer are drawn to the scent of Reese's peanut Butter cups or else that one Butterfingers I gave up for my beloved SP.

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