Friday, November 14, 2008

Skidding Logs

Traditionally, logs are skid to a log yard using a skidder. For the small woodlot owner like we are, we lack such an industrious machine. In it's place, we borrowed a friends 4 wheeler and it worked perfectly!

Well the day began early, and since the tree's fell the day before, I knew the second I heard the four-wheeler idling near by I had to get out and capture it all. So I put down my coffee, grabbed the camera and ran outside. Bare feet and all, I was determined to be board the trial run. I think SP was a bit frightened that I would get squished, but I like to live on the edge.

Clearly the day started out fairly warm for the fall. Round two I decided to capture from afar. I think SP is trying to figure out where I went. The four-wheeler did an excellent job pulling two full logs at a time. I think SP is cute.

For the next part, 10 year old boy wonder helped out. He waited patiently while Dad cut the trees into skiddable lengths. Then when the time came to do so, he would help by wrapping the chains around the log and attaching them to the four wheeler.

Quickly the pile grew. This is about 10 trips worth of wood.

It became an all day project because the easiest wood to get came up first from the primary log yard. But after that we had to get in skid through and out of the woods and onto the road.

This is round one. It took several stops and starts to get the road yard set up because there is a drainage crossing to get out, and either the four-wheeler or the logs would get hung up. Slowly the road yard was set up for easy access.

And by then the temperature had dropped and I had to modify my choice of foot apparel.

Fortunately, all this wood has been either split or piled to dry further. The wood stove was officially lit earlier this week and I am proud to say that my basement is now the warmest room in the house! I think I am going to go and put some wood on the fire!

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