Thursday, October 9, 2008

Local and All natural Meat

I was a vegetarian for 15 years. As a baby, Mom wrote in my baby book that I would spit out meat any time she fed it to me. This continued for many, far too many, years until I declared myself a vegetarian in the 8th or 9th grade. The I met my dear husband (DH) love of my life - a hunter and fisher - and I had found my niche. Well, things are needing to be roped back in on the meat department for us, or else he needs to get off shore or else actually shoot a deer or moose and fill our freezer. Until then, I am trying to focus on the more local more natural choices in the carnivorous world. Most of my reasoning need to do this stems from the high cholesterol and risk of heart disease that DH has imprinted in his veins and genetic code. DH quickly read Michal Pollan's Omnivore dilemma cover to cover and cemented this new life choice for us.

Well, for tonight's meatballs (a crock pot recipe using frozen meatballs) I was so happy to find at our local Hannafords local and all natural frozen meatballs to use! Wolfe's Neck Farm raises Black Angus cows on a salt water farm on Casco Bay. Wolfe's Neck Farm is a historic 626 acre farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and community well-being. I don't think I could think of a better place! The packaging goes on to say "Today that vision includes support of small-scale cooperative farming where animals are pasture fed as much as possible." As discussed by Pollan and others, grass fed beef is higher in natural Omega 3's than any other beef source, in fact factory farms contain little if any Omega's from their corn fed grain diets. This is clearly important to me and the health of my family. My favorite part is where it says, in bold letters, "Supporting a way of life - family farms." The way life should be - at least in my Utopian world view! That's where we're heading in life and I can't wait!

Interestingly enough, these meatballs were packaged for Pineland Farms Natural Meats of New Gloucester. So google I did and found that they are one of their community partners. It sounds like these guys are the go to's for this in my area. YEA! What a find!

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