Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keep Maine Green

I've started an initiative of hiking with my kids, following a book, written by another local hockey Mom, detailing all the great family hikes in the area. We went on one last weekend that was perfect for my 4 year old to hike and for me to carry the baby in a pack. I want to accomplish all the easy hikes in the area before we move.
When we got to the top of this particular mountain, I saw broken glass everywhere, and upon closer inspection realized that these shards were fire remnants, repeated in various areas all over the peak. I warned the kids and other parents. I thought about the other people I had seen come up to this beautiful scenic overlook, and realized there were also those who walked up at night to light a camp fire. Upon closer inspection, there were signs posted everywhere.
I wonder what came first - the fire or the sign.
The fires still exist with the presence of the signs. Ho hum....

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