Monday, October 27, 2008


This the season of apples. This picture was taken at the beginning of October while apple picking in celebration of some dear friends' wedding. I feel rather accomplished when it comes to how much I have done with apples so far this fall. The apples in this picture were used to make an amazing batch of apple butter. It was so good I saved it for presents! These apples also made I made enough apples preserves that with enough luck it will power all the school lunches I need to until the strawberries are ready for harvest. I plan to do a much better job of making strawberry jam this year. I'm happy to know that I am also not finished with apples, as we will pick another round this weekend. The mechanical harvesting crew finished a week or so ago at a neighbors property. He told us they were done so we're going to see what picking is left for us scavengers! I look forward to making more butter this weekend. I am going to try dehydrating apples too. Once Halloween is over, maybe it is time to think about pies. An apple pie is right where I will start.
Mmmm... apples really make your house smell so wonderful!

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