Friday, October 24, 2008

Girdles and trees

We have been managing some trees on our property for over a year. The recent push on firewood logging came as a result of nature taking it's course a bit later than expected, or should I say hope. A long long time ago, far longer than initially intended, SP went out and girdled trees.

What's that I said? Put girdles on trees?

Yes and according the Arbor Day Foundation:

Girdling Kills Trees

Keep the tree's most vital membranes intact.

Well as you will see, that's not always the case!

Here's SP and one of his girdles.

Girdles are a prescription of sorts... that's funny - prescription girdles - but this is a prescription for trees... trees that you want to make into firewood. The hope is that when the tree hits the ground, it has done so on it's own volition by the pull of gravity; it is dead and also dry.

Have you ever heard of a girdle that didn't work? Do you want to talk about failing girdles?

Well, our girdles didn't work so well. Some of these girdles are so old that they actually grew fungus.

These girdles worked as you can see the trunk parts had fallen off already. Some of them did just as they should, even though it did take an extra year or two...

In an ideal world the wood is dry. But in our world they act like the most tenacious weeds with a mind of their own. Not all of the trees have gone unwillingly. This is how you know a girdle didn't work - because it has leaves.

The time has come that these stubborn trees need to brought down against their will. Those logs are now decked in the sun, to be dried out the conventional way - via sunlight.

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