Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clean Energy Made Here

My husband has come up several times since I started blogging. I keep referring to him in that same anonymous way; my husband or at times dear husband, or simply DH. I have been trying to figure out a name for him, an anonymous term of endearing reference. On another blog I follow, The Pioneer woman, Ree refers to her DH as The Marlboro Man. I thought that maybe I could call my DH The Green Man, but he is only a vegetative deity in my eyes. I could have called him The Leprechaun, but as much of an Irish forest imp he is, miniature he is not. He is Frond my Fern, but I am happy that only a few know what that means. So I chose the most accurate and also shortest term of endearment: SP

Since there is so much more information to come, as so much of my sustainability involves him, here's a little introduction. Meet my husband SP.

SP is a forester, and has recently been seen as the logger for our 4 acre homestead.

SP is employed as a wetlands scientist, predominantly involved in the development of wind power in Maine. Here's a picture he took at work.

Because these installations are remote, he is in the field all the time and therefore is away from home for much of the week. It is hard to be home with three kids and no break, but I am comforted by knowing he is out there being the change - truly. These are some shoulders I am particularly proud of.

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