Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much for a humane solution!

I have squirrels. Yes. I do.
We have squirrels.
They live in our attic.
They play in our attic.
They romp at all hours of the dark early morning.
They cause nightmares.
My kids have nightmares.
I have nightmares.
They really need to leave my attic before we all go insane.
All I can say is that this:

did not work!
So... we are off to find rat traps and lots of them because this is getting out of hand!

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seasonseatingsfarm said...

Your second choice is the most humane. I know it's not pleasant but it's faster. When we relocate animals we could be introducing them to disease or introducing disease to an uninfected area. There are territory disputes and searching for new food sources and nesting areas. These are hard at good times and more so this time of year when they're running out of time before winter moves in. Relocated animals usually don't fare well. At least this way you know they don't suffer a long death. We have flying squirrels in our attic and we've trapped and disposed of 12 raccoons trying to kill our chickens and ducks. I don't remember a year so thick with pests as this year.