Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are squirrels monogamous?

That is one of many questions I answered on Friday night.
Oh no I 'm sorry , I learned it on Saturday morning.
VERY early on Saturday morning.
There's nothing like a frightful 2 AM wake up on Halloween.
Yup - those darn flying squirrels were busy once again.
But by 4 AM there was no ignoring the noise.
A noise like no other.
The noise of rodent teeth chewing wood.
Since the attic hatch is in Baby's room, he was brought to our room.
SP began his squirrel crusade.
It was scary and sounded violent.
Have you ever been below an attic who's floor insulation is being ripped up?
It's a racket and it is unsettling.
Needless to say we didn't get back to sleep.
Nor did SP find anything in the insulation.
So he came back down to talk to me and that is when he heard it.
Coming from the wall!!!!
Yes... the damn flying squirrel was in the wall between our room and baby's room.
Well... he went down the dryer vent.
Fortunately for us, when we moved the washer and dryer to the basement
to make room for Baby, we left the wall "in tact" so that if the house sells
the new owners can decide where they want the laundry.
SO... SP slowly detached the panel.

Then we saw, hiding behind the old face plate, the culprit.

So SP reached in to grab him...

but that didn't go well. The squirrel decided to run around the room,
and under the crib, and through the clothes.
There were a few screams uttered from both me and Shane.
Fortunately we were locked within one small room.
The squirrel finally decided to hide under the heater.
This is him when he decided to come out.

SO we tried to catch him AGAIN!
Did you know that like lizards squirrels drop their tails?

Well they do.
We finally got him.
This is him on his way out.










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