Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crows Rise Farm and my favorite Angora Lady!

Karen, of Crows Rise Farm, is one of my favorite Angora breeders/growers/knitters in the state.

I visited her at the Common Ground Fair and then again at the Fryeburg Fair.

I adore her, her work, her calm peaceful nature, and her patience with me when I am bubbling over with questions and and prodding her to help me learn more.

Thank you Karen!

I recently bought an infant hat

from her for the birth of Jade, our good friends first child.
I am having one of Karen's felted hats made for my sister for Christmas. I will not tell you anything about it in case she actually sat down to read my blog, but it should look something like one of these fun creations:

The best thing about Karen are her rabbits! They are English Angoras, and I am 98% sure these are the bunnies I want.

I recently bought some of Karen's yarn, and was pleasantly surprised that it is not all that slippery to knit with.

So now I know I CAN knit angora! SP just talked to the yarn lady in town and discovered that she is offering spinning classes. I think that's is my next and final step. If I can learn to spin, I can spin angora; if I can spin angora, I can have me some bunnies! YEA!!!!

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