Saturday, September 6, 2008

We are out of business - sorry!

I thought I had my ace in the hole - a local farm without walking distance. I decided on the way home from picking up my crazy 4 year and 9 month old daughter at preschool, that I would calculate the mileage between the farm and my house. I was so excited as I approached, watching the colorful chickens free ranging in the yard. As I pulled in I say a chalkboard hastily swung over the sign on the street. In almost child like writing it said "We are out of business - sorry!"

Since when are farms single season service?

If I call them would they work out a plan for a local family, who dreams of a farm of their own, who wishes to receive eggs and free range chicken to feed their family through the winter. It was ideal for me - I could walk to get my eggs and meat! What to do now... I need to rethink my plan.

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