Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Common Ground

The Common Ground Country Fair is the annual harvest celebration hosted by MOFGA (Maine Organic Growers and Farmers Association). It is a really wonderful experience that celebrates rural living and farming and recharges me annually. The Common Ground is help the weekend of or after the autumnal equinox (my anniversary).

It is more than a celebration of the harvest. It reveres the local farmers, growers and crafters, those that are so often invisible in the touch and go of daily life. We can know where are food comes from. We can also know where any product we use comes from.

Some of my essential questions right now could easily be answered this weekend. If it's not found locally, can we live without it? Can I heat my house without fossil fuels? Without putting myself into the poor house? (note to self, research geothermal houses on the market)

I always feel at CG like I am given a second chance and therefore encouraged that Maine is full of great, active, like minded people; something easily forgotten in my ebb and flow of daily life.

This year I sense a huge opportunity for making connections. I am looking forward to this year because I have not been in 2 years, but also I sense the connections I am about to make.I want to start a home based, locally centered agricultural and crafting business. The last time I was there I did not have that motivation.

I also will be moving soon, so maybe it is also time for me to make friends with some of the breeders and sellers of live fowl. I will have some of those soon and it excites me.

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