Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Butcherman and my search for Flour

Today was brilliant. Well, on second thought it was not entirely brilliant because I did not bring the rain jackets even though I gave them a second glance this morning. The remainder of my morning, even though occasionally soaked, was well spent!

My plan was to deposit checks at the bank and then investigate local meat at the natural food store on my way home. But as I approached the back, a fast flying clue phone hit me in the back of the head. I found my Butcherman - he'd moved to the next town and had not dissappeared after all! He had all my answers about finding local meats. He gave me his card as I left.

I know he can hook me up with what I want, even if grass fed beef is a little trickier. If we eat beef it should be grass fed for my dear husbands poor cholesterol counts. Now it just comes down to costs. I love having a large freezer in the basement and have always wanted to fill it with the remains of a cow. That's a pretty shocking thing coming a 30 something ex-vegetarian of 15 years. I digress...

My spreadsheet is growing as I catalog and research local sources. One I stumbled upon was a New England Flour company, King Arthur Flour located in Vermont. As I perused the website, plotting a day trip over to enjoy lunch from their restaurant, I found their philosophy of flour. I quote their website: (http://www.kingarthurflour.com/flour/philosophy.html)
In addition to our ongoing commitment to providing consumers with all-natural, organic, and whole-grain products, we have become a member of The Whole Grains Council


As usual I am also left with questions.

If this flour is milled in Vermont, where does the wheat come from?

With anything that has been produced, manufactured, even distributed - how do I follow it back to it's source. How far do I need to go?

Will companies actually answer this question for me?

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