Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smart and Sexy Green Living

I am still chuckling.
I think I just found my mecca.
Never before has a website, in name alone, been so enticing!
Better yet this is the kind of thing I want to with a home business.
It sounds quite a lot like me!

Is your carbon footprint the size of an Ugg boot when it could be a Manolo? You're in the right place: EcoStiletto features green picks in Fashion, Beauty and the Good Life and explains, in real-girl terms, how eco-friendly choices can help turn your carbon footprint from a ginormous Ugg into an oh-so-slender Manolo. ...

... I'm leaving out the part that explains carbon footprint...

...We're not about guilt, we're about information. We're not about forcing you to change, we're about giving you alternatives. Because everyone wants to make a difference, but no one wants to give up the little things that we love. Making a difference doesn't have to mean making a huge change in your lifestyle. Sometimes it just means considering the alternatives."

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for writing about! Great blog! Just an insider's FYI: We'll be giving away a free pair (or pairs) of eco-friendly shoes worth $500 or more each month in 2009 beginning in January. Sign up for the newsletter now so you can get the early scoop on how to enter. Thanks! xoRachel