Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grinding acorns to flour.

Just when I thought that shelling acorns would be the hardest part, I have now attempted to grind them into flour. Where, when and why did I think that this last and final step would be the easiest? First of all, the cacophony caused by the food processor demands ear plugs - or maybe that fancy pair of ear mufflers I wear while tilling the garden. Secondarily, my food processor has thrice now rejected it's blade. Yes, seriously, look closely at the photo above, my blade has popped off and over to the side ceasing to continue it's merry go round of abuse.
So I am stuck in the hard spot of not wanting to sully my only coffee grinder in the house, nor do I want my acorn flour to taste like coffee. I am also in one of my stubborn frugal moods where I can not fathom owning two coffee grinders at once nor do I want to buy a brand new one for this purpose. I have always wanted a coffee grinder for fresh herbs and the such, but have thought about getting a Magic Bullet instead since it seems so versatile for making salsas and the like.
So here I am stuck between a stubborn acorn and a stubborn wallet - two equally hard places to be right now! Bah hum bug!

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'dee said...

OK, this one has me laughing! The acorns are out to get you, MM! LOL.

Not that I'm encouraging you to ditch the frugality, but I bought a 2nd coffee grinder for herbs too! I got tired of wiping out my coffee grinder (I THOUGHT thoroughly) and still having my rosemary and thyme smell distinctly of my morning java.

Good luck! Onward to conquer those acorns, woman.