Saturday, December 6, 2008

$11.99 and a Tally-whacker

Dee this one's for you!

I caved in and went to my local Reny's and bought a new coffee grinder.
Mind you it does come with some disturbing directions:
Shall I paraphrase? "Do not attempt to defeat the cover interlock mechanism". Seriously.

So on my first grind I filled the little bigger with an entire ladle-full of the processed acorns.
But it was a bit too full, so I revised my plan.

And it ground much better.

Thus far, the process of grinding acorns to flour is occurring at a MUCH more tolerable decibel level. Now, the painstaking part is how many acorn fragments are actually being ground at one time. One grinder-full is barely making a dent in the bowl of acorns so this is a multi-batch step in the process. .

So, SP ran to the basement and brought his nifty yet archaic tally counter upstairs which I promptly called a Tally whacker and laughed so hard I took my final picture and came here to the computer to document this process. At 20 grinds the grinder became officially too hot to work anymore therefore we will reassess when it cools sufficiently. I wanted to let you all know that I am officially sustainably insane.

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'dee said...

LOL!! I love it - you have conquered the acorn flour, woman. Mission accomplished!

Only chicks from Maine can conjure up THAT level of perseverence :-)