Saturday, January 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things

This winter we have a new wood stove in the basement and it is by far one of my favorite additions to the house. It provides radiant heat to the first floor. By adding essential oils to the pot of water on top I also now have a wonderful smelling house too! All those hats and mittens get dry, toasty warm, and smell nice to boot!

SP was also a genius to create a wood cart for the basement out of old apple crates. I love reusing things and making our lives more sustainable! He pulls that puppy up to the inside of the Bilco doors and then dumps two or three wheelbarrows full of wood down the stairs and into the cart. This genius cart makes loading wood into the basement not only easier but a heck of a lot less messy! LOVE! It also just occured to me that this is the last of the wood from the tree girdling project we did a few years ago. Visit those posts here, here, or here! Oh wait here
or here too!

But my favorite part of this? Having Puckstopper old enough, strong enough, and big enough to help out. Thanks Puckstopper! You are a huge help around here! XO

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