Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something out of Nothing

These are our compost bins. The picture is a bit fuzzy because the sun sets behind them. Sorry. The empty bay is what we used this summer for our large barrels of tomatoes. We also spread some of it on the lawn to reseed the top of the septic field.

That one bay on the left is next years soil. We produced it this year. It is roughly 1.2 a cubic yard of soil.

This will be next years soil. All that fresh stuff is what we took out of the garden when we put it to bed. The best part is SP was working with the compost and sent Puckstopper in to grab my iPhone. Later he came in all proud telling me has has a blog post for me.

He left me a note that said, "Love you Garden Girl".

I love the dirt. I love getting dirty!


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