Friday, November 6, 2009

My walk in the snow.

It was snowing yesterday.
I decided to walk Baby to preschool even though my reptilian brain wanted to keep warm and drive.
It was such a lovely walk.
I was so incredibly happy.
I recalled those college days when SP and I would don our winter coats and run outside to dance in the first snow.
I was filled with happiness.
Everything was so beautiful.
Here's some pictures I took.
This is a Wahoo bush.
Isn't it beautiful?

Well I hate to tell you this but...

The Wahoo is mean, nasty, ugly and poisonous.
My dear friend Erin's dog loves to pick berries and eat them.
We had a Wahoo bush growing in our berry thicket,
where the raspberries and blackberries are.
Poor Cleo ate these beautiful Wahoo berries and got very sick.
Hence, we cut the Wahoo out of our yard.
When I saw this Wahoo on my walk and thought it was beautiful.
I also thought of Erin and Cleo.
I am happy Cleo lived!
Speaking of living...

I thought this was pretty. I like the contrast.

I know I told you I was really happy on this walk.
Sorry my post is not continuing on that happy thread.
This is another plant that deserves to die
that's why I like to see it in it's "dying" phase.
This is Japanese Knot-Weed.
Introduced into the U.S. to help with erosion,
it is invasive and unstoppable.
Please do something to end it's life if you see it!
OK... back to the happy thoughts.

The horses made me laugh.

They were really playful.
The one in the foreground is Bravo.
Bravo did NOT want me anywhere near the other one.
Baby calls the other one Brownie or Mudpie. Depends on his mood.
Anyway, Bravo REALLY wanted me to scratch him.
He kept sticking his head between the slats to get close to me.
Any idea why???

Poor guy!

He needs a hair brushing!!!
Now here's something I NEVER do...
I am adding a picture of me.
Not only am I in crazy clashing colors and patterns
(unheard of)
but I wonder...



Pun intended!

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Erin said...

I'm happy Cleo D lived also. That was one hell of a harrowing night!!!! You,Shane and Matthew were amazing during that ordeal.