Sunday, November 1, 2009

Second Annual Halloween Candy Sort

I started this idea last year as a way of not only protecting Puckstopper from candy that was bad for his braces, but to also make the candy eating more sustainable and less of a frenzy. This year was an interesting haul, with my favorite candies suspiciously missing from the tally!

Baby kept busy counting his Smarties and announcing all the colors.

Here's the loot my kids brought in:
47 small Tootsie rolls
5 thing Tootsie rolls
8 large Tootsie rolls
5 cherry Tootsie rolls
3 Orange tootsie rolls
4 lime tootsie rolls
5 lemon tootsie rolls
8 Charleston Chews
13 Whoppers
10 Hersheys bars
8 Hershey's miniatures
5 Three Musketeer bars
1 tiny Musketeer
7 Necco Wafers
7 Kit Kats
9 Airheads
6 suckers
16 Lollipops
2 Grapeheads
1 Chewy Lemonheads
5 Appleheads
1 Skittles
2 Mini Milky Ways
1 Milk Duds
2 packs of Starburst
1 single Starburst
7 Cherry Heads
6 Plain M&Ms
6 Peanut M&Ms
7 Mini M&Ms
1 Twizzler
3 Twix
1 Smartie
1 Bit O'Honey
5 Junior Mints
1 Butterfinger
1 Raisenette
2 Sour Patch kids
3 Scooby Doo gummy fruits
1 Halloween Chocolate
1 Warhead
1 Goosebumps gummy thing
1 Dots
23 Almond Kisses
1 Reeces Fast Break
2 Reeces Pieces
8 Reeces Peanut Butter cups
1 Reeces Peanut butter mini
2 Snickers
8 mini Snickers

And this is how we sorted it.

The plastic bags went in the freezer.
The black bowl on top anyone can choose from.
The orange bowl in the middle, Puckstopper CAN NOT choose from because of his braces.
And the bowl on the bottom is only for Daughter to choose from.
If Baby request a lollipop, I get to choose one of the Dum Dums for him!


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