Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watts in the Wind

A month or so ago, during a ski day at the local mountain, my amazing friend Thais told me that there were some sexy new windmills up at a farm on her way from home. Low and behold, on my way to another hockey game for my son, I saw the windmills gracefully aligned with the side of the barn of Springmont Farm. My heart was a flutter as I saw it and I smiled knowing that the age of clean energy was slowly taking hold for the home and small business owners in Maine. Installed in late August, the turbines are providing power to the barn and the chicken operation, allowing excess power to be fed back into the CMP grid. Using the turbines has greatly reduced the amount of oil the farm burns.
And to my delight, the spring 2009 volume of Lake Living has one of these wind turbines gracing it's cover. Residential wind generators are popping up all over the place thanks to the local North Conway, New Hampshire business Green Alternative Energy LLC.
Given the right site and wind speeds, you too might be able to harness the wind and make free energy for your family.

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