Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Responsible Paper?

I have found a paper company, Mohawk Paper , that matches a lot of I am looking for in an paper supply company. Independently owned Mohawk is headquartered in Cohoes, New York. In 2005, Mohawk acquired the Fine Papers business from International Paper, which included the respected Strathmore, Beckett, Via, and BriteHue brands. Today Mohawk operates three mills (six paper machines) with over 175,000 tons capacity. Mohawk is also known in the industry for its high environmental standards and sustainable practices. The mill offers sustainable paper choices certified by FSC and Green Seal, independent, nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental standard setting, product certification, claims substantiation, and public education. In addition, Mohawk is one of the first major manufacturing companies to match a significant amount of its electricity with RECs from windpower projects.As of June 1, 2007, Mohawk Fine Papers has increased its purchase of wind-generated electricity RECs to 100,000,000 kWh annually. This represents 100% of all of the electric energy used for all of Mohawk’s manufacturing, converting and distribution operations in New York and Ohio. In 2003 Mohawk became one the first large-scale production facilities in the United States to use non-polluting wind-generated electricity.

100% of the electricity used to manufacture all of Mohawk's paper is matched with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Green-e, the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products, certifies the RECs to be sure that they meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards. has an article about this company too.

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