Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Make your own Silver Dip

Last night, SP ran the dishwasher with a little bleach in it for it's monthly cleaning cycle. Unfortunately, there were some silver baby spoons in it and they came out pretty tarnished and messed up. The good thing is, we have an Eco-friendly recipe for silver dip. So farewell harsh silver chemicals, and hello homemade! Caution: Do not stack the pieces - lay them out separately. So not use on plate, raised patterns or cemented knives.

aluminum foil
non-aluminum pan
2 Tablespoons baking soda
1 Tablespoon salt
boiling water

  1. Place your silverware on some aluminum foil in a non-aluminum pan.
  2. Add baking soda and salt.
  3. Pour boiling water into the pan, enough to fill it up and cover all the silver.
  4. Take out, using tongs, after about five minutes.

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