Monday, April 24, 2017

Making Baby's Room as big as it gets

Baby has been stuck in the smallest bedroom that isn't a bedroom for far too many of his ten years. After last springs house fire ruined our chances of getting the final construction finished, it is the push for this spring. SP worked very hard over vacation and got the bulk of the rough work done. When we originally made baby his room, from a nook in our room and the old laundry room, the walls went up with a lick and a promise that we might be back later to finish it. All the pipes and vents for the laundry were cut and capped and remained in place. This week, they were forced out of their comfort zone, out into the light of day, and put out of their misery. Thank you SP for all that you do.

In the beginning there was a snug little room with bamboo floors and gentle green walls.
Then the fun began.

This was the part I wanted to participate in but I was too busy cooking stock and canning in the kitchen, so I just ran up periodically to take pictures. 

The funny thing was finding that we had basically encapsulated an odd period of time, when we were battling a litter of flying squirrels in the attic. Those little rodents really liked to get in the dryer vent and thus into Baby's wall. When this particular wall was closed up, we left a loaded trap in it. SP tripped the trap after breaking down the wall.

Baby inspecting the progress.

Getting messy in there!

A quick glimpse at my good little elf SP. 

That's our new pocket door. I think we have added 1.5 feet to his room.

Looking chaotic

The good, the bad, and the down right ugly.

See ya Debris!

A closer look at the progress after Day one.

Day two SP attacked the tougher aspects of getting the wall taken apart.

Definitely progress!

Out the window, out of mind!

SP contemplating a huge problem.

Day three proved to be the worst and toughest... no need to glorify that until it is over and done with.

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