Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 Sap and Syrup tally, thus far...

With three sap boils completed and bottled, I went out to the garage to get pictures of them and realized that the pictures just wouldn't do.
Boil #1

Boils #2 and #3

Fortunately, both SP and I are home today on this 10th snow day of the year, so I asked him to bring them all in for a better picture and to write up our numbers. The yields were a bit disappointing as we realize that a lot was lost in re-bottling and our more efficient (ie less time consuming) filtering process. There is 3/4 a gallon of the sugar dregs, but it will be put to use to make sugar or maybe even candy. Here are our boil tallies.

Boil #1

We boiled ~ 150 gallons of sap ( while it is hard to keep track of buckets, we could do a better job estimating.
Yield = 1.7 gallons of syrup.
Here it is bottled in clean Barq rootbeer and Corona bottles. (best for gifts and trades)

Boil #2

Again, we boiled ~ 150 gallons of syrup.
Yield: 2 gallons of syrup, bottled in the bottles of  Conoroita and Ginger Libation . If you have not yet had Ginger Libation, run now to the nearest store and get some. It is one of the best new England Handcrafted fermented beverages ever.

Those are the large Ginger Libation bottles in the back. 

Boil #3

Once again, we boiled ~ 150 gallons of syrup. This time we had a better yield.
Yield: 3.5 gallons of dark syrup bottled in 1/2 gallon jars.
There's SP the sap master doing his calculations

That lonely one in the center is bound for our refrigerator any minute.

Last but not least, the 3/4 gallon of sugar sand rich dregs that have great potential for our culinary adventures.

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