Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The perks of living in a coastal state

I love living the way life should be in Maine. We are so fortunate to have so many options in our huge yet poor state. Did you know that Maine is the only state in the union that ONLY borders one other state? We live in the foothills of the White Mountains surrounded by pristine lakes yet a short drive and we are on the coast. Since SP travels for work quite often, we never know where he may end up which is beneficial for our rural living. Take for example, my recent post about the clams , we luck out all the time. One would think that that would happen at best once a month, but no, good ole' SP has had a lucky month. 

Last weekend we got a special delivery from a neighbor who also had a trip to the coast.

Can you say heaven? SP has lucked out and so have several friends of ours who like lobster (I barely if ever eat it. I know, I know, that is shameful for a native New Englander, but psh,  I have food issues that involve texture and I only like the knuckles.

Speaking of knuckles... check out the size of that claw!

It's larger than Baby's 9 year old  hand!!

I have been away for a few days at a funeral in New York City, so I am certain they have been entirely consumed. Sunday morning, just before I left Shane made lobster omelettes for everyone that was  at the house. I heard that the same folks and then more came back for a Lobster roll lunch on Monday. Need less to say, we have had a wonderful month of eating locally from the garden and such. Its a huge benefit living less than 50 miles from the coast. We are doing a great job! I love this life!

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