Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Household Helpful Hints

My paternal grandmother KK was a tried and true Connecticut Yankee. She was also a tough as nails single Mom. KK was the Queen of thrift and short cuts which, in her later days, included using the oven as a bread box and the dish washer as additional storage. This was much to my chagrin the day I preheated the oven for a batch of cookies. The Cheerios did not survive.

 I recently moved some file cabinets to the basement and discovered a file I had named Scrapbook. I found quite a few gems inside, but this post, and the three that will follow, were safely tucked away. My father must have passed these copies along to me when KK died in the 90's.

 Today I find these priceless. Enjoy! I'm off to find my Magic Eraser and some Windex! :D

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