Thursday, December 6, 2012

Caring for Antique Furniture

I learned at a young age that if someone was stupid enough to leave a sweaty glass on an antique there was a rapid fire treatment you could use to hope the ring went away - MAYONNAISE! I can't tell you how many Christmas Eve's, after everyone went home and before we left for midnight mass, that I went around with a jar of mayo to goop on the white rings and pray that with the magic of Santa they went away overnight. This Yankee skill was one I came by honestly (see prior post). What I love about this gem I kept is the name of a "Glass man" in Meriden, CT listed. Meriden is not only near where dear KK lived, but also close to where my now husband is from. Small worlds, seeing that we met at UMaine. For those of you with at least one piece of antique furniture, here is an article and KKs notes from 1978!

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