Monday, March 22, 2010

Sustainable Socks the Done Roving way!

I've been thinking about making some socks. It's a bit of a family joke actually, because my mother used to knit. HiHo once made a pair of socks for an old boyfriend in Stonington. He still has them, but we only learned about them when HiHo died - it was one of those stories that made us all laugh. Why did it make us laugh? Because HiHo only managed to make one sock for my father - Garro never got a full pair. I am thinking about making my first pair of socks, and mustering the courage to start such a feat, I realized that I might have to put down my Noro and move on. Noro does not seem to be washable. I was at the yarn warehouse in Bath called Halcyon on Friday. While searching for washable Noro yarn, I found that there is SOCK YARN! oh my... it's a whole new world out there when it comes to socks. I left with hands empty of sock yarn - but with one skein of bluesy Noro for the next Noro hat I will make. Anyway, after a long wonderful weekend of hockey tournaments, I wandered through Camden Maine and found a yarn store (cleverly hidden as a sweater store - almost tricked me). Low and behold, I found a new Maine yarn company that has some awesome yarns, including a sock yarn!!!!

SO I wanted to give a shout out to the new company I found!!! Done Roving Farms of Charlotte Maine - "Celebrating Rural Living and Folkart Tradition in Downeast Maine" They raise grass fed meats, "Our beef and lamb are grass fed eating only grasses, hay and supplemental minerals . We don't use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. All meats are processed at federal inspected butchers, packaged and labeled in this manner as well. We raise all our animals in the same manner while being committed to good pasture management practices to leave the smallest footprint behind on our land. "
I'm pretty excited to see they posted some Done Roving recipes but the best thing I found - A sock Pattern!!!
Looks like I am heading in a new directions, well I guess that will happen after a couple more Noro hats!

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