Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nuts for Noro

I might need my head looked at.
Those 3 hats are all Noro - Daughter's on the bottom, mine in the middle, and the one in process I am making for daughters teacher. Seriously, tell me your favorite color and I will make you one.
It's a surprise every time. It's a magic show unfolding at your finger tips. LOVE MY NORO!
I'm coocoo for Cocoapuffs, I mean I am nutty for Noro.
Seriously, it's addictive. Take a look at how yummy this is.
ok - horrible blurry picture taken far too close to do this hat any justice, but I don't care - I'm in love... again....

SP has some pretty tough competition in terms of getting my attention and making me weak in the knees...just one more row... now let me purl... purring as I knit... I'm one happy cat! :D

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