Friday, January 8, 2010

The Squirrel Saga continues

I can't believe the squirrel saga continues.
3 have been exterminated.
We thought they were gone and we could close up the hole, but no... he/she/it/they came back. And so did my nightmares.
We tried glue traps.
We placed them all around the hole.
They worked.
Until the little bugger chewed his way out.
(I was likely listening in my sleep and had a nightmare).
Then there were the rat traps, but I don't think they like our bait.
I'm not sure is SP put up poison on his last trip up there.
I am not sure what he did but it involved a lot of banging.
I bet he squeezed shut the old dryer vent that the squirrels kept getting into in the middle of the night so that we woke up to screamingscratchingscootchingsquirrels in the wall by out heads.
(Did I mention the nightmares?)
Anyway, thanks to good old cousin Lukey we have a new weapon on our side.
I meant weapon when I said it.
Air powered bliss.

Sigh... this better work.

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