Friday, August 21, 2009

My lilies have bloomed!

When my dear mother HiHo died, she asked us to remember her with flower and music. I haven't gone more than a week without a fresh flower in the house in all of these long 10 years.
I love when my lilies bloom because then I can bring fresh cut flowers into the house that smell just wonderfully! Of course, I cut the anthers and pollen off because of the mess they make! I love flowers and I thank HiHo for teaching me that! In this picture are one of the lilies I chose from White's Flower Farm in Litchfield CT. In the back ground is my knitting in a wonderful knitted and felted bag from my MIL Barby. The book is one on IPM that is getting a lot of action during this gardening season! The next flower to bloom looks like it will be my Phlox and then the Asters. I can't wait for this humidity to end so I can happily be outside again with all my wonderful plants!Link

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