Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sap Boil #2 of 2017

This weekend was a vast improvement on the bone chilling cold first sap boil of 2017. This boil yielded just about 3 gallons syrup from ~ 130 gallons of sap. A lot of the storage containers had their walls lined with ice which, when melted and tested with a hygrometer, showed a zero on the Brix scale which means it had no sugar in it. SP pitched the ice out into the woods and was ready to fill the bins back up come Sunday, and when SP and Lukey collected today, we had sixty gallons already. There will be a 3rd boil of 2017!
It was a fun weekend had by all, enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine we so deserve at this time of year.
Happy Maple Syrup Sunday everyone!

Maine Facial = Macial

Our peaceful kingdom where both humans, canines, and chickens coexist. 

Baby is our little helper

neighbors came over to visit and admire the mapron


The best news is that we have half the "starter wood" left, and more sap in storage!

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