Monday, May 2, 2011

Today I

... went outside and ate sorell from the field, picked winters rocks out of the garden, and walked barefoot down the road with Baby. He went to work hammering nails into a board when we got back to the house.

It was a beautiful day outside, allowing a quiet pensive time to process a lot of big events to over the past daysweeksmonth. Death does that to you. They say death comes in threes, so I hope the OBL death is the last for a while, tho that one I will not shed a tear. For the victims I will and hope that they will now rest in peace and I will gain strength from the coming season.

Spring is here in Maine, May arrived with glorious weather. My forsythia is in bloom so the time of flowers in bloom all around is just beginning.

There's an early May flower in the grace - cute, white, and carpets the back embankment.
I need to figure out it's name. It always brings a smile to my face when I see it. I am going to go ask Ellen now. :D

I hope the change of seasons and greater exposure to sunlight will help me embrace all the endless possibilities of our future and guide me into the smartest decisions possible. This economy stinks and making sound decisions is daunting.

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