Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sandwich

Apparently, the shine has come off the apple. This is the 3rd one in a row with no picture. :(

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steve said...

Hi, thought you might be interested in this upcoming event at O'Donal's in case you hadn't heard:

O’Donal’s 5th Annual “Organic Workshop”
Saturday & Sunday April 30 - May 1
FREE Organic Workshop and learn about composting, planting and growing organically,
natural pest and weed control, benevolent bugs for your garden, solar and wind power.

Speakers and topics will include:
Kevin Kearns – Tropical Plants for the Home and Patio
Lois Stack – Edible Landscapes
Deb Soule – Biodynamics
Tom Atwell – How I’ve become a better gardener and other stories
Betsy-Ann Golon – Companion Planting: Herbs, vegetable and flowers in harmony
Rick Churchill – A Landscape that is Sustainable is Attainable
Steve Eveld – Organic Orchards
Jeff O’Donal – Daylilies

O’Donal’s Nursery. 6 County Road Gorham,Maine 04038

Thanks, Steve Pennisi