Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Sandwich

I have had some set backs recently.
Below is last Saturday's sandwich.

I fell Columbus Day weekend and broke two bones in my foot. The problem is that it took the "Experts" in my life a full 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong. First the ER took X-rays and told me I had no breaks. WRONG. A week later I went to another doctor who found a fracture in that first Xray. I have a fractured navicula.

But I knew I was having pain in a separate area, and after doctor number 1 kind of dismissed my concerns, I went for a second opinion.
That doctor found a second fracture - in my heel somewhere - I was too knocked out on pain pills to think clearly enough to write down the name.
I am currently bouncing back and forth between my first opinon doctor and my second. I am thinking of going to the first opinion guy on Tuesday and demanding the MRI I asked for in the first place. I probably have grounds for malpractice, but not sure I have the cajones for that. For now, me and my Tramadol are going to sit in bed and catch up on lost time.

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